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About Parade

With over 15 years of industry expertise and 15,000+ design professionals in our network, we are here to simplify and expedite the process of locating your next great team member or finding the next step in your career. Our deep roots provide an extensive network that can make even the most challenging searches easy. When coupled with our tailored approach you can be sure our process will surpass your expectations.


We realize how difficult it is to find an opportunity that is both professionally and personally rewarding. We make the process of assisting you in the next step in your career easier and more efficient.


Whether you need project-based consultants or full time hires, Parade can find talented professionals that fit your needs so that we can let you get back to doing what you do best…design.

Find Work

Looking for the next step in your career? Parade can HELP.

Parade represents the entire Architecture and Interior Design community and the intersecting areas of the design niche. We REALIZE HOW DIFFICULT IT IS to find an opportunity that is both rewarding and suitable for your background and interests. We make the process of finding the next great step in your career a little less stressful and a whole lot easier. Whether you are design or technical, Junior or Principal, contract or permanent, we consistently have a variety of open positions — and if our current openings fall short of your ideals, then we’ll start a tailored search to create opportunity for you. 



We connect talented Architects of all levels,  Principals/Partners, Project Managers, Landscape Architects, Exhibit Designers, and Construction Administrators


We propel talented Interior Designers of all levels, CAFM Specialists, Lighting Designers, Branding Specialists, Industrial Designers and Graphic Designers


We support talented CAD/BIM Managers, Office Managers, Marketing Professionals, Document Control Clerks and Human Resource Professionals




We only work with highly respected and reputable firms in the Architecture, Interior Design, Development and Brand community. We never work with those known for “slavish” hours, revolving doors and let’s just say less than ideal working environments. We have established relationships with key decision makers at every firm that we represent and never send your information blindly. Whenever we initiate a client-candidate relationship, we have a clear understanding of the available opportunity, your projected role and the firm’s values, culture and goals. In addition to our understanding of the client’s expectations, it is imperative that you do your own due diligence and familiarize yourself with the firm’s work. Remember, we work for both you and our clients so whenever we discuss opportunities, we are candid about both the positives and negatives of every opportunity and only disclose your information with you consent.  No surprises and everyone is happy. 


First, we review your resume and portfolio to ensure you are presenting yourself in the best way. At Parade our benefit is that we share our industry expertise – not only are we connected to the top firms in the industry, but we are uniquely familiar with their strategic hiring plans, which allows us to beat the rush of resumes that come in once firms place ads. Sometimes we project a talent onto a client before they realize they need you. Most importantly, we represent you and your interests throughout your search and the interview process. This ensures an efficient interview process, optimal negotiation for any offer extended and a mutually beneficial agreement for both the candidate and the firm to flourish.


We highly value our current client relationships and are eager to help more firms acquire top talent. An introduction to a Hiring Manager, Principal or other decision maker in your network will merit a $500 bonus if your referral leads to a successful new client relationship. You will receive the bonus upon our first placement as long as it occurs within one year of the introduction. Drop us a line to refer a candidate, connect us with a Hiring Manager or to introduce yourself. 





Permanent roles have defined long-term expectations and unlimited growth potential. Parade represents you throughout the process of finding that ideal fit, coordinates all interviews and negotiates maximum compensation. While we have access to the same advertised opportunities, the majority of our openings are unpublished and these firms are truly invested in hiring the right person immediately.


These “contract” or “consulting” opportunities are typically full-time, and project-based, where there is a given schedule for the assignment. These temporary commitments allow you to work on a specific project or fill down time in between your own projects. They are also great opportunities to show off your talent and create a potential longer-term, permanent opportunity…plus, you get paid time and one half for every hour over 40 per week!


These opportunities are set up in the same regard as contract roles except there is an understanding that when the contract assignment is successfully completed, there is potential to be converted into a permanent employee. This is a great trial period for both you and the client to see if there is a true professional and cultural fit for a long-term commitment.


COMPETITIVE RATES – You are paid a competitive hourly rate for every hour you work with the opportunity to be paid time and a half for overtime.

HEALTH CARE & 401K – We can help you negotiate solid health care benefits (PPO) and 401K Plans and find a situation that works well for you.

TAXES SIMPLIFIED – W2 work basis: At Parade, we are responsible for the computation of taxes and accounting aspects of your compensation.

FOOT-IN-DOOR SYNDROME – Get your foot in the door. Consulting is an ideal way to show off your talents and prove yourself.

DEDICATED GUIDANCE – You get a career agent dedicated to helping you. Parade provides resume services, interview coaching and will represent you in future opportunities as well.

FLEXIBILITY – Better feedback on your performance. We maintain open communication with you and the employer, so that we can give you comprehensive feedback and address all your questions or concerns.


















I don’t know why people hire architects and then tell them what to do…

Frank Gehry

On The Boards

Our job board will show you our current opportunities . If you see an open position that matches your background and interests, get in touch!

Our job board is constantly updating, so even if you don’t see a current position that could be a good fit, be sure to check back often and reach out to us so we can get to know you and assist you with your search. We will keep all of your information confidential until we have found an opportunity that you are excited about and have obtained your consent. Similarly, we do not share our clients’ names and contact information until all parties decide to move forward with the interview process.

Just Some Fun Facts

99 percent of all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story. As a result of this fact, we present to you truth, strength & power in our numbers. Use them as you like and let's celebrate our strengths together.


Candidates Placed 


 Amazing Clients


 Unhappy Clients (Hooray!) 


 Starbucks A Day

Time For Some Q&A

Finding the perfect job is hard. We understand you may have questions when searching for a cheerleader to root for you through the process. Click on the boxes below to read some of our most frequently asked questions that candidates have regarding our services.

You do not – candidates do not incur any fees for our services. We receive compensation from our clients.
We currently focus on firms within the Architecture, Interior Design, Development and Branding communities in the NYC Metro area. Our client list is confidential but we only work with firms that have solid reputations. These firms range from 5-10 person boutique design firms to some of the largest international firms in the world.

During your customized search, we will discuss opportunities that may be suitable and only with your approval will we present your information to the key decision maker of those firms. We do not share or discuss your background and information without your consent. No exceptions. 

Visit our job board to view and apply to all current openings. If there are currently no opportunities that match your background and interests, use the form on our contact page and we’ll get back to you. When you are applying for a position listed on our website, you will be prompted to send an updated resume. Include a brief written description of what makes you stand out in your profession. We will then contact you within 24 hours to set up a meeting. During this discussion, you will have the opportunity to tell us about your background, interests and goals.

The best ways to stay in touch are through email and by following us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The landscape of opportunities changes daily and we will keep you in mind when a suitable opportunity comes up.

Yes, we do offer direct deposit and web-based time and billing access. It’s a simple and efficient way to pay you for the work that you complete in your position.

The majority of our employees are on a W-2 contract, but we can hire on a 1099 basis as well. We withhold taxes from our contractors and earnings are reported to the IRS each year. Employees must complete a W-4 form at the beginning of their employment.

Benefit packages vary based on position, location, duration and other factors. Medical (PPO), 401k, direct deposit, time and one half for overtime pay and paid holidays/vacation days may be available. Specifics of benefits packages are determined based on the assignment and number of hours worked. Specific details will be provided before agreeing upon an assignment.

Absolutely! We’re always open to a conversation and we’re here to help in any way that we can. Plus, we understand what a big decision it is to change jobs so sometimes it doesn’t hurt just to test the water before diving in…




















The other day I tried to design a finish line, but I didn’t know where to start. So I just sat there and drank Gatorade. Ah, but that’s life, no? 

Jarod Kintz

Find Talent

Whatever your need, our ever growing roster of over 10000 pre-screened , pre-qualified creative professionals are at your service. Partner with Parade to staff up a project team to meet a tight deadline, facilitate target searches for individuals to lead teams or use our national retained search platform to pinpoint that next great leader or design star that's just outside your reach.


If your needs are so pressing that you don’t have time to read on, please reach out to our president, Dan Cloke. He can be reached at 646.205.3541 or DCLOKE@PARADEINC.COM. If you do have a few minutes, please scroll on for more info!


Our recruitment services include a comprehensive screening process that all candidates must go through. We understand position changes, their salary history, what they’ve accomplished and most importantly, their future goals and aspirations. At Parade we also ensure that each potential hire does their own due diligence and understands your firm and the potential role. Our candidates will always be equipped with a clear, concise resume and an updated portfolio. Additionally, we perform at least three professional references, and meet with EVERY prospective candidate in person to gauge their level of professionalism and personality, and to truly get a feel for who they are.


We find talented Architects of all levels,  Principals/Partners, Project Managers, Landscape Architects, Exhibit Designers, and Construction Administrators


We locate talented Designers of all levels, CAFM Specialists, Lighting Designers, Branding Specialists, Industrial Designers and Graphic Designers


 We place CAD/BIM Managers, Office Managers, Marketing Professionals, Document Control Clerks and Human Resource Professionals



Our national retained search platform, is reserved for those strategic leadership roles or niche stars that are extremely difficult to locate; Principals, Design Leaders, Technical Directors, Marketing Director, etc. Please visit our retained search page to get a more thorough understanding of this service.


Shorten your search for top Architects and Interior Designers. Parade maintains an extensive network of professionals with proven track records, so we can help you find the best candidates quickly and ensure a smooth transition into your corporate culture.


Looking to try out a potential employee before committing to a full-time hire? Parade’s contract-to-hire services give you the flexibility to test new employees on the job and determine if they are the right fit. This minimizes your hiring risk, and after the initial contract duration is complete, you will have the opportunity to offer the employee a permanent role if that person fits your company’s needs. 


Whether you need a fill-in, a temporary specialist, or to staff an entire project team, Parade’s contract platform is a cost effective solution to meet those short tem needs. Our network of prescreened candidates is flexible and we’re confident that we can provide short term staffing solutions to meet those deadlines. 



We provide a variety of administrative services to save you time, financial resources and frustration throughout the hiring process and
to help you put out your mini fires.



 Web-Based Timesheet, Weekly Electronic Invoicing, Web-based Account Reports, Weekly Payroll Processing and Background + Drug Screening. 


Contract Employees

 Direct Deposit, Year End W2 forms, Expense reimbursements, Employee Compliance and Benefits Administration.


Taxes + Insurance

 State and Federal Tax Withholdings, State and Federal Unemployment, Social Security, Medicare and Disability, Workers Compensation, GL, Umbrella and Professional

Just Some Fun Facts

Do you really want to go at this alone? While it may seem to be a large investment to use outside resources - in the end we will be a cost-effective and stress relieving asset. But if you don't believe us, consider yourself warned. You could find yourself here...




 Phone Screens




 Circus Clown

Finding Talent…Q&A

As a potential client, we understand you may have questions. Click on the boxes below to read some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our services.

Parade can provide you with a variety of professionals that have targeted skill sets on a per-project basis. That means you don’t have to go through the pains of hiring and firing as workloads fluctuate. More importantly, you can intelligently manage your overhead and bring in professionals when they are needed to accomplish any phase of a project.

Besides our Crown retained search platform, all other searches are performed on a contingent basis. Meaning, we only collect a fee if we successfully place a qualified candidate. We have a set fee for direct placements or permanent hires. However, when hiring a contract consultant, each position and candidate will differ depending on skill set, duration, budget and volume. We make sure that consultants are paid reasonably and that you are getting the maximum return on your investment.

It starts with a brief conversation to get a better understanding of your firm’s culture, values and goals and to see how our services best suit your interests. We’re extremely confident that our flexible approach and resources can be a welcomed asset to any firm. 

We understand how rapidly things can change in this industry and have experience placing top candidates quickly. The time frame for successfully finding the right employee will vary based on our current employee base and your specific needs. We can alter the process based on the timeline at hand, but we always remain committed to placing select, qualified people. 
We can provide a consultant for as short a period as one day, but typically it makes financial sense for both of our firms to work with consultants for at least one week.
We conduct thorough reference checks for each candidate. Some clients also request a drug screen, criminal background check or other screenings for security purposes which we can also provide for a fee.
Our contract-to-hire option provides an opportunity for you to work with an employee and determine if they are someone you want to hire permanently. If you are not satisfied with an employee, we will replace them quickly to ensure that your projects don’t suffer. We also offer guarantees to protect your financial interests for permanent hires.
We are a full-service recruitment firm that places candidates on a contract or permanent basis in all areas of Architecture and Interior Design. We have a broad base of applicants and a variety of recruiting resources that we use to fill positions, from model makers and interns to Partners and Principals.


















If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure that you can do it, say yes- then learn how to do it later. 

Richard Branson

Parade Retained

Parade's National Retained Search platform is customized recruitment effort tailored for all strategic and higher talent searches

If you want your company to stay on top or get to the next level, then you need to invest with the right people. As creative thought leaders and successful recruiters, we assist our clients in locating the best creative talent that the industry has to offer while maintaining absolute confidentiality. Whether it is locating Studio Leaders, Principals, Technical Directors, Brand Managers, Design Stars or Marketing Directors, our expertise is unparalleled in the industry. Drawing Parade’s established personal connections and business relationships, our network of over 10,000 design professionals is second to none. Our executive leadership will personally manage and execute every search; by working on a retained basis, you are assured that the appropriate resources are exclusively committed to your search.. Although our community base is NYC, our network spans the entire United States and abroad. We bring insight, innovations and objectivity to the table, without the baggage.

Because we keep our representative client list very small, we have a wide open talent pool to draw upon. Therefore, we most likely won’t be partnering with competitive firms, which will garner the best opportunity to engage for your potential hire. In addition, Parade limits the number of retained searches that we conduct to ensure that our clients receive the attention and the results that they deserve. Although we are inspired to help everyone find meaningful work, as your retained search firm we specifically represent our clients who are looking for talent. We target individuals who fit the predetermined criteria, and only present individuals who fit both professional and cultural goals.



Vice President
Senior Associate
Marketing Director
Development Director
Brand Manager
Design Star
Lead Designer
Studio Leader
Technical Leader
Practice Leader
Director of Architecture
Managing Director
Board Member
FAIA – Fellow

Retained Questions

So how do we get started? It’s always best to have a candid discussion about the current need, your company's objectives and how we can facilitate this search with discretion.

While we feel that we can locate talented professionals at all levels, our retained search, is reserved for all senior level, strategic permanent hires.
We typically invest anywhere from 40-160 hours specifically focussed on your retained search. 

Although every member of our team will be involved in every client search, there will be a predetermined point of contact within our leadership team. There will be open and consistent communication to keep you updated about progress, candidate presentation, and all other matters that may arise during any given search. 

It is our expectation to present 3-5 candidates that would be suitable for the opportunity within a 4 week period.

Your teams’ involvement will be minimal as we facilitate all searches, candidate screening, portfolio/resume review, reference checks and advertising costs.

Our fees range from 25-33% of projected candidate compensation with a mutually agreed upon payment schedule.

While we conscientiously engage in retained searches that we have utmost confidence in completing, there may come a time where we don’t fulfill those objectives. Our first step will be to reevaluate the opportunity and have an open discussion as to where our search has fallen short. We will continue to make every effort to fulfill that obligation but at the end we will need to follow the mutually protective covenants in our original agreement. In any case, both sides will walk away with all interests being considered.

Benefit packages vary based on position, location, duration and other factors. Medical (PPO), 401k, direct deposit, time and one half for overtime pay and paid holidays/vacation days may be available. Specifics of benefits packages are determined based on the assignment and number of hours worked. Specific details will be provided before agreeing upon an assignment.





















Whatever good things we build end up building us.



Connect With Us.

We thank you for your interest in working with us and we look forward to helping you in any way that we can. Please feel free to email us and let us know the nature of your inquiry and the best way to contact you. If you are a prospective candidate please include a current resume, portfolio and three professional references. If you have an immediate need or have questions about our staffing services, please give us a call and one of our representatives will be able to assist you.