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Tōkyō Desu Nina Geometrieva in collaboration with Damjan Cvetkov Dimitrov.


Design Detail – This Red Bull Office Has A Casual Meeting Area With Swings

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Frank Stella’s Retrospective Rules 


CHUM – Centre Hospitalier de l’Universite de Montreal CannonDesign

Though its design and creation, the CHUM is envisioned to act not only as a place of healing, but as a place of gathering. Not solely as a closed loop within the urban fabric, but as a generous public space that also plays the cultural role of gallery and educational center. The ambition for the CHUM was to become an architectural pillar within its community; a symbol of excellence and commitment to quality care for the province as a whole, with a focus on the generations to come.

CHUM is the result of the merger of three hospitals (Hotel Dieu, Hopital St. Luc and Hopital Notre-Dame) that replaces outdated facilities and brings these entities together in a single-site institution. An anchor of the Quartier de la Santé – Montreal’s new health district – the development will seamlessly combine teaching, research and healthcare and solidify Montreal’s standing as a health and science hub of excellence.



Max Hooper Schneider

Pet Semiosis 3: Cholera. (Cyrillic), 2015. Photographed by Michael Underwood.


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