The Carved Bowls by Kutraq Studio

Inspired by the texture left in a yoghurt while eating it with a spoon , The Carved Bowls are a set of solid wood pin trays that combine with different sized concave areas. Ideal for the entrance of your home or your desk, you can leave your keys, coins, rings, or your personal items there. The different compartments allow you to separate the different objects by type or to create storage partitions in a shared flat (each member with a different area). The small version works perfectly as a jewellery tray on your bedside table or as a serving dish in restaurants.

Kutarq studio focuses on spatial and product design. It’s led by Jordi López Aguiló, architect and designer who has collaborated with prestigious firms such as: JDS Architects Copenhagen, Ibos et Vitart Paris, IVICSA Valencia, Bruno Mader Paris, and Eduard Bru Barcelona. Since setting up his own studio in 2012, he has worked in various fields ranging from furniture and lighting to interior design. Each project is the result of a methodical process, in which material and formal research have a very important role. The final pieces are timeless, simple, innovative and above all are meant to meet user needs.

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