August 29, 2013 Parade Inc.

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LECTURE: A Country of Cities: A Manifesto for Urban America 

“The world isn’t urbanizing. It’s suburbanizing. Whenever you go anywhere in this world, this is what you see. It’s a tumorous cancer.” 

In this lecture, Vishaan Chakrabarti speaks about the premise behind his new book, A Country of Cities: A Manifesto for Urban America. He addresses key issues relating to urban development from concerns about density and government subsidization to the state of affordable housing and the need for expanded public transit. 

Check out these mind-boggling images of Hong Kong’s high rise residential towers


The images were shot by photographer Michael Wolf who said “At some point I just took a photograph and I folded away the sky and the horizon until I just had the pure architecture. I realized it was a very effective visual effect. By removing the context, viewers have no idea how big these building actually are.”

Research facility construction report shows signs of recovery 

This detailed report breaks down the rise in construction costs for research labs, showing costs per square foot of different types of facilities and comparing them to 2011 levels. The major takeaway, though, is cause for optimism: even though construction costs have increased in 2013, clients in this niche (at least in the NY Metropolitan Area) are willing to pay much more for architectural and design services. 

A Short History of the Highrise – An interactive documentary by Katrina Cizek


The world premiere of this short film series will take place on September 30 at Lincoln Center via the New York Film Festival. The film draws from the NYTimes’ extensive archive of architectural photography, which dates back decades. It will be presented as an installation and will give viewers venues to interact with the film through additional materials and microgames. See here for further info. 

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