August 16, 2013 Parade Inc.

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Rethinking Biomimicry: Green innovation in architecture

Biomimcry in architecture goes far beyond rooftop gardens and bamboo wall panels: it’s about creating structures that are sound from their foundations to their interactive components. In fact, biomimetic architecture isn’t always nice to look at — according to Jamie Dwyer, a biologist and design strategist for Biomimicry 3.8, “Things that are emulating processes and systems don’t make a pretty picture.” The responsibility to produce sustainable buildings falls not just on architects’ shoulders but on every party involved in designing and putting up a building. Read the full article to learn more.

Architectural Phobias, Illustrated

The folks at Architizer published a post that illustrates architecture-related phobias through project images. The phobias include the fear of mirrors, fear of crossing bridges and a fear of daylight. See all the images here.  

How Motion Can Bring Us Together Through Architecture

Jacob Esocoff’s monograph In Motion is a collection of concepts for buildings that shape the motion that occurs within them. We love the idea of a subway platform as a public performance space! 

Architectural Record: Office Building Construction Stats

This informative one-page document visualizes key statistics relating to corporate office construction. The sector is set to pick up as the number of building starts continues on an upward trajectory. Gensler, SOM and KPF are the top three players in the space right now, so keep an eye on their work over the coming year!

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