July 16, 2013 Parade Inc.

Tuesday Roundup: Architecture + Design Content to Get You Through the Week

Michael Green: Why We Should Build Wooden Skyscrapers

In this TED Talk, Michael Green of Michael Green Architecture explains why wood is a necessary element in the future of architecture.

“As an architect, wood is the only material that I can build with that’s already grown by the power of the sun. When a tree grows in the forest and gives off oxygen and soaks up carbon dioxide and it dies and falls to the forest floor, it gives that carbon dioxide back to the atmosphere or into the ground. If it burns in a forest fire its going to give that carbon back to the atmosphere as well. But if you take that wood and put it into a building, or into a piece of furniture, or into that wooden toy, it actually has an amazing capacity to store the carbon and provide us with the sequestration. One cubic meter of wood will store one ton of carbon dioxide.” 

AIA New York Center for Architecture Unveils New Exhibit: Architecture and Politics in Colombia 


Last week, the AIA New York Center for Architecture launched a new exhibit, Colombia Transformed: Architecture=PoliticsThe exhibit features the work of major Colombian architects to showcase the impact of innovative design on the country’s social evolution. 

Architecture Competition Being Held within the Digital World of Minecraft


Minecraft-obsessed architects: pay attention. Equator, a Swedish architecture firm, partnered with the creators of the game to launch a competition that will be held within the Minecraft world. The competition, which revolves around the future of housing, will run until July 31. 

Five Modern Design Icons You Should Know


From Eero Aarnio, whose ball chair has become ubiquitous in contemporary interiors, to Charlotte Perriand, who worked with and drew inspiration from Le Corbusier, these Interior Design icons have helped shape how we live and work today. 

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