July 9, 2013 Parade Inc.

Tuesday Roundup: Architecture + Design Content to Get You Through the Week


This decision will likely impact the institution’s entire existing financial model, which has relied heavily on funds from the Chrysler building rent and tax payments. Decision-makers argue that charging fees for those who are able to pay will allow them to support the neediest students.

Rafael Viñoly Discusses 432 Park Ave, to be the Tallest Residential Tower in New York


“The experience of participating in that kind of strange relationship where you have multiple layers of publicness just by the level at which people connect visually at certain heights is 100% a New York experience. 

…I thought that a building that could be as tall as this one, as 432 park, needed to have a very well balanced relationship between form and the actual structure of the building.”

Watch the interview here


Construction on the futuristic R&D headquarters designed by NBBJ Architects will begin this week. NBBJ’s statement reads: “The design seeks to encourage interaction among staff, foster connections with the community and provide a space to attract employees in the highly competitive tech market. A central campus green space unifies the whole campus much like a traditional academic campus.”

To Sketch or Not To Sketch: the Relationship between Architects and Engineers


Matt Williams at Arup Connect recently wrote a piece about the power of effective communication between facade engineers and architects. He posits that despite the detail and precision achieved through BIM, CAD and Revit modeling, hand-drawings hold an important place in early-phase communications: I think we should look at our early-phase input to become more efficient and leaner in the way that we deliver our work. I still think there’s a place for drawing, it’s just a matter of understanding how far you can take it. In a previous life I managed to get away without doing CAD details, producing bid documents by hand. That’s probably changed.”

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