August 7, 2013 Parade Inc.

Weekly Roundup: Architecture + Design Content to get you going

When famous architects design McDonald’s


“McDonald’s” isn’t generally used in the same sentence as “architecture,” but a few notable architects designed some of the franchise’s more significant establishments. Read the article to learn more.

Uncube Magazine’s interview with Denise Scott Brown


Of course I want my spaces to be beautiful — even if my definition of beauty may include ‘beautifully ugly.’ And I’m more than happy when people tell us they find the atmosphere in our Sainsbury Wing helps them enjoy the art. But my heart jumps when I see people doing the things in my spaces that I had hoped they would do — when I have applied urban-derived concepts about relations between activities, and I see them working.”

13 of NYC’s most important architectural sites on the Hudson


New York City is brimming with amazing historical buildings — check out this list of remarkable architectural sites along the Hudson River.

James Turrell Skyspace: Light Reign 


With Light Reign, Turrell combined two aspects of his work — interior Skyspace and exterior architectural illumination. Watch this 5 minute video that features the structure, which is a part of the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington. Click here to watch the video on Vimeo. 

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