If your needs are so pressing that you don’t have time to read on, please reach out to our president, Dan Cloke. He can be reached at 646.205.3541 or DCLOKE@PARADEINC.COM. If you do have a few minutes, please scroll on for more info!


Our recruitment services include a comprehensive screening process that all candidates must go through. We understand position changes, their salary history, what they’ve accomplished and most importantly, their future goals and aspirations. At Parade we also ensure that each potential hire does their own due diligence and understands your firm and the potential role. Our candidates will always be equipped with a clear, concise resume and an updated portfolio. Additionally, we perform at least three professional references, and meet with EVERY prospective candidate in person to gauge their level of professionalism and personality, and to truly get a feel for who they are.


We find talented Architects of all levels,  Principals/Partners, Project Managers, Landscape Architects, Exhibit Designers, and Construction Administrators


We locate talented Designers of all levels, CAFM Specialists, Lighting Designers, Branding Specialists, Industrial Designers and Graphic Designers


 We place CAD/BIM Managers, Office Managers, Marketing Professionals, Document Control Clerks and Human Resource Professionals



Our national retained search platform, is reserved for those strategic leadership roles or niche stars that are extremely difficult to locate; Principals, Design Leaders, Technical Directors, Marketing Director, etc. Please visit our retained search page to get a more thorough understanding of this service.


Shorten your search for top Architects and Interior Designers. Parade maintains an extensive network of professionals with proven track records, so we can help you find the best candidates quickly and ensure a smooth transition into your corporate culture.


Looking to try out a potential employee before committing to a full-time hire? Parade’s contract-to-hire services give you the flexibility to test new employees on the job and determine if they are the right fit. This minimizes your hiring risk, and after the initial contract duration is complete, you will have the opportunity to offer the employee a permanent role if that person fits your company’s needs. 


Whether you need a fill-in, a temporary specialist, or to staff an entire project team, Parade’s contract platform is a cost effective solution to meet those short tem needs. Our network of prescreened candidates is flexible and we’re confident that we can provide short term staffing solutions to meet those deadlines. 



We provide a variety of administrative services to save you time, financial resources and frustration throughout the hiring process and
to help you put out your mini fires.



 Web-Based Timesheet, Weekly Electronic Invoicing, Web-based Account Reports, Weekly Payroll Processing and Background + Drug Screening. 


Contract Employees

 Direct Deposit, Year End W2 forms, Expense reimbursements, Employee Compliance and Benefits Administration.


Taxes + Insurance

 State and Federal Tax Withholdings, State and Federal Unemployment, Social Security, Medicare and Disability, Workers Compensation, GL, Umbrella and Professional

Connect With Us.

We thank you for your interest in working with us and we look forward to helping you in any way that we can. Please feel free to email us and let us know the nature of your inquiry and the best way to contact you. If you are a prospective candidate please include a current resume, portfolio and three professional references. If you have an immediate need or have questions about our staffing services, please give us a call and one of our representatives will be able to assist you.