While we feel that we can locate talented professionals at all levels, our retained search, is reserved for all senior level, strategic permanent hires.
We typically invest anywhere from 40-160 hours specifically focussed on your retained search. 

Although every member of our team will be involved in every client search, there will be a predetermined point of contact within our leadership team. There will be open and consistent communication to keep you updated about progress, candidate presentation, and all other matters that may arise during any given search. 

It is our expectation to present 3-5 candidates that would be suitable for the opportunity within a 4 week period.

Your teams’ involvement will be minimal as we facilitate all searches, candidate screening, portfolio/resume review, reference checks and advertising costs.

Our fees range from 25-33% of projected candidate compensation with a mutually agreed upon payment schedule.

While we conscientiously engage in retained searches that we have utmost confidence in completing, there may come a time where we don’t fulfill those objectives. Our first step will be to reevaluate the opportunity and have an open discussion as to where our search has fallen short. We will continue to make every effort to fulfill that obligation but at the end we will need to follow the mutually protective covenants in our original agreement. In any case, both sides will walk away with all interests being considered.

Benefit packages vary based on position, location, duration and other factors. Medical (PPO), 401k, direct deposit, time and one half for overtime pay and paid holidays/vacation days may be available. Specifics of benefits packages are determined based on the assignment and number of hours worked. Specific details will be provided before agreeing upon an assignment.


Connect With Us.

We thank you for your interest in working with us and we look forward to helping you in any way that we can. Please feel free to email us and let us know the nature of your inquiry and the best way to contact you. If you are a prospective candidate please include a current resume, portfolio and three professional references. If you have an immediate need or have questions about our staffing services, please give us a call and one of our representatives will be able to assist you.